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Offline Link Extractor

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Offline Link Extractor

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how to install?
Step by step install information.

how to uninstall?
Step by step uninstall information.

Order FAQ
FAQ about how to purchase the Program.

How to register the license code.

Main Screen:

Offline Email Extractor - Main Window

The program's main window contains four basic components:
  • Menu Bar - All functions of the program are controlled through the menu.
  • Tool Bar - Some functions of the menu are available through the toolbar.
  • Data Tab - The data tab shows the results.
  • Status bar - The status bar contains four fields.
New Search Window:
You can set the extraction settings that will help you to plan your future. The form has two tabs:
  • General Tab
  • Filter Tab
New Search Window (General Tab):

New Search Settings - General Tab

New Search Window (Exclude File Filter Tab):

New Search Settings - Exclude Filter Tab

New Search Window (Exclude Text Filter Tab):

New Search Settings - Exclude Filter Tab

Compare Result Window:

Compare Result

Save Results Window :

Save Data in text, csv, excel, html format

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